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Giving You a Taste of the Philippines


Lomi Ala Eh

The crowd’s fave Lomi Ala Eh, made of thick Canton noodles, shredded chicken, seafood balls, carrots, fried garlic, egg, and lime, is cooked straight from the pot so it’s boiling hot when served, perfect for this long lingering winter. Come try it at #rocsgrill where it’ll surely warm you up!

Kare-Kare Wings

The must-try Kare-Kare Wings.

Simple yet addicting, unique but satisfying.

It’s the talk of the town. Wanna try something new?

Come and get it at Roc’s Grill!

Delicious Cakes

I know you’re drooling. From the top left to the right: Sansrival, Taro Cake, Choco Yema, and Yema Cake. Choose your indulgence!

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